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by Giovanni Flores

My first week at Tel Akko has been an interesting and new experience. Coming into the program I knew there would be a significant amount of physical labor but the shape the labor would take was still a mystery for me. After this first week on the tel I realized that the labor was going to take the form of a lot of sweeping dirt and wheeling wheelbarrows. The work is quite intense and is a bit lackluster. However, it is still an enjoyable experience and there is always something to do which is perfect for my personality type. I was never bored or sitting idly around. The work environment is very relaxed and calm. On the tel you don’t feel like you are at a normal job, the supervisors don’t hover over you looking for more productivity. It is the opposite; they walk around making sure you have had enough water to drink and are resting when you need it. They try to have work conditions be favorable for people, meaning we work in the shade when the sun gets hot and deal with anything outside of the shade before the sun gets hot.

The dig site is not particularly efficient for getting work done but it is efficient as a learning environment ensuring that everyone gets a chance to participate in every job there is on the tel. Even though I am not an archaeology major or related field I am treated equally and am given equal learning opportunities. I just started actual excavation and it seems much more engaging than cleaning up the site. There is more thought required and more need to be gentle and careful while digging. The entire experience is enhanced because the people we dig with are all amazing and wonderful people to talk to and spend time with.

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