Tel Akko is an extraordinary archaeological excavation that has taken place, with some interruptions, over a period of some thirty years. It was previously under the Directorship of Moshe Dhotan, who has now sadly passed. It is currently under the joint Directorship of Ann Killebrew and Michal Artzy who have both been involved with it since 19??



Michal Artzy is a professor with the University of Haifa, Israel .....



Ann Killebrew is a Professor at Penn State University.....

Total Archaeology is holistic approach to the science of archaeology which adopts a responsibility to the community of Akko, the environment of the tel and the old city, and the people who come to learn and teach during the Season.


We are committed to the conservation of the ancient city of Akko in all of its crumbling beauty, its bitter divisions and its extraordinary unity. Young people from Akko visit us on the Tel and we welcome them to experience our love for the past, our hope for the future and our knowledge of the methods and sciences that reveal the lives of the civilisations and peoples of Akko. We visit their city as students of conservation, eager to learn about their lives and their thoughts on preserving their incredible heritage.


Archaeological excavation is meaningless unless it is linked to curiosity about people and the way they lived here; their dreams, their survival skills, their lifestyles, their threats and opportunities,  their manufacturing prowess and materials and their methods of building. We combine a scientific approach to archaeology with wonder at, and respect for, the civilisations that formed the tel.