Archaeozoology (or Zooarchaeology) is the study of faunal remains. Faunal remains are the items left behind when an animal dies. It includes: bones, shells, hair, chitin, scales, hides, proteins and DNA. Justin Lev-Tov is the Archaeozoologist for Tel Akko.

Justin Lev-Tov says, “I am a field archaeologist and zoo archaeologist with a private cultural resource management company in southern California, Cogstone Resource Management, Inc. My research interests are centered on how humans in complex societies have used food to signal things about population subgroups or their community as a whole. Issues such as religion, ethnicity, social class and economic levels, in addition to trade networks, are primary issues in my past writings. In addition, I am interested in using ancient animal remains as a way of understanding past environments in order to understand how the current environment may have changed/be changing. Currently, I am involved in a research project in Israel, the Total Archaeology project at Tel Akko, wherein both the archaeology of the ancient tel and the current heritage struggles of the current resident community are both addressed. In addition, I am involved in overseeing survey and testing projects throughout (mainly) southern California, on behalf of Cogstone.”

Justin Lev Tov Archaeozoologist

Justin prepares to teach the youth of Akko about some bones and shells that have been found at Tel Akko.

Justin Lev Tov Archaeozoologist

Young people from Akko find out what the bones can tell us about the past of Tel Akko.