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by Bryn Hudson


During the last few weeks, I’ve been privileged enough to travel all over Israel. Accompanied by the Tel Akko field school professors and students, I’ve visited Akko, Sepphoris, Magdala, Capernum, Qastrin, the Sea of Galilee, Caesarea, and Jerusalem. Although I’d studied all of the sites at Trinity, no article could have prepared me for the wonder I experienced. However, Professor Risser’s classes did prepare me to teach at Caesarea.

In approximately 10 BCE, King Herod the Great of Judah finished constructing Caesarea Maritima. At the time, it was the largest artificial harbor every built. During Caesar’s Civil War, Herod had supported Marc Antony and Cleopatra. When Octavian (who later renamed himself Augustus), defeated Marc Antony and became the first Roman Emperor, Herod built the harbor to appease his anger and express his gratitude for his continued survival and rule.

During our visit to Caesarea, Professor Sugarman challenged me to lecture about Mithraism. Apparently, jumping up and down gave away my excitement to visit the cult’s site… So I did.  Initially I was terrified to speak in front of our group, but sharing my knowledge brought me incredible joy.


Professor Risser, I could not have done this without you. Thank you for originally lecturing about Mithraism and capturing my interest.

Professor Sugarman, thank you for trusting me to speak.

Iraise, thank you for videotaping me and allowing me to share your video.

Bryn Hudson
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