Ümit Güder
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by Jennifer Munro

I am an archaeo-metallurgist specialized in ancient iron production technologies. I work in the Laboratory for Archaeometric Studies at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey. I search for the traces of ancient metallurgists in excavation sites and try to understand their sources, skills and capacities. Also, I organize experiments to re-construct pyrotechnological settings in the field.
About jennie
I'm the irritating person who's always there with a camera - wanting an interview, asking silly questions and getting in the way of the serious archaeology. I'm an author, a publisher (Fernro Publishing), an ex-advertising agency owner and Creative Director, a mother and a grandmother. I only do things I really want to do now - building Tel Akko's website with you was one of them.

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Ümit Güder