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by Rachel Strohl

The Silver Lining Playbook. This little book has gotten me through many a stressful situations, and it came through again here in Akko. When I was preparing to come to Israel, I had come up with a research project for my scholarship grant. I worked for months with my professor, coming up with a plan that included me working with the archaeometallurgist here at Tel Akko. Archaeometallurgy, or the study of ancient metals and metal working techniques, has intrigued me for years, and I was so excited to come and work on a subject I was so passionate about.

However, when I stepped off the plane at Tel Aviv, my entire project fell upon its head. The specialist who was supposed to be working at Tel Akko was unexpectedly called off the dig, and would be in Jerusalem the entire project. I was freaking out. However, I pulled out my book of tricks and decided not to let the stress of my project get me down. I was here to learn, and I could still do that while not knowing what my project would be. So I threw myself into learning whatever I could. And in doing so, I was given amazing opportunities to talk to specialists, and I got first-hand experience in field archaeometallurgy. Due to this, when my amazing professors and I finally figured out a project, I felt completely and totally prepared for the academic challenge. This was my silver lining. I had become an amateur expert because instead of focusing on one project, I was absorbing as much information as I possibly could.

Despite learning all of this amazing information about archaeometallurgical practices here in Akko, I feel like I learned an even greater lesson. I learned how to adapt to situations I never thought I would be in. I learned to find the silver lining in a seemingly endless dark sky.

Rachel Strohl
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