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by Jennifer Munro

University of Warsaw.

PhD candidate.

I am a PhD candidate . My dissertation is devoted to the problems of formation and function of one of the lordships that emerged in Syro-Palestine following the First Crusade. Looking at a domain managed by the Embriaco family, which covered a large part of the lands that belonged to the County of Tripoli, I’m going to analyse how the Crusaders, who came to the Holy Land, managed to establish their own political position and assure the legitimacy of their authority. In addition, it is reasonable to look at their achievements in the broader context of the complex relationship between the  Crusader states, the Italian cities involved in the crusade movement and the local Christian communities of the Eastern churches.

I’m also a history teacher in primary school, and I conduct workshops  for kids about experimental archaeology please check out my web site


About jennie
I'm the irritating person who's always there with a camera - wanting an interview, asking silly questions and getting in the way of the serious archaeology. I'm an author, a publisher (Fernro Publishing), an ex-advertising agency owner and Creative Director, a mother and a grandmother. I only do things I really want to do now - building Tel Akko's website with you was one of them.

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