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by Jennifer Munro

The conch shell can be an instrument with multiple meanings and uses.

How old the custom of blowing it is and whence it originated are not known. Probably the first musical instruments that were ever invented were made of shells. Shell trumpets have been known since the Magdalenian period (Upper Paleolithic), one example being the “conch Marsoulas”, an archeological Charonia lampas shell trumpet which is on display at the Museum de Toulouse. As might be expected from an instrument that has been around since neolithic times, conch-shell trumpets are found almost everywhere, including inland areas. In Israel/Palestine, the [Charonia tritonis nodifera] conch trumpet was used at a very early stage in antiquity (from approximately the third millennium B.C.[E.] on).


credit: http://www.wikiwand.com


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Conch Shell find at Tel Akko