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by Jennifer Munro

I am a project manager at Oxford Archaeology, in the UK, and I specialise in landscape archaeology; looking at the bigger picture, and the tool of my trade has increasingly become the drone, rather than the trowel. But my claim to fame (or is it infamy) is that I worked at Akko in the early 1980s, and was area supervisor of Area AB.  I broke my archaeological teeth on some of the most remarkable Middle Bronze and Late Bronze Age remains that any archaeologist should feel  privileged to be involved in. The Tel has had its metaphorical claws in me for a long time, which have dragged me back to be involved in the present excavations.

About jennie
I'm the irritating person who's always there with a camera - wanting an interview, asking silly questions and getting in the way of the serious archaeology. I'm an author, a publisher (Fernro Publishing), an ex-advertising agency owner and Creative Director, a mother and a grandmother. I only do things I really want to do now - building Tel Akko's website with you was one of them.

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