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by Jennifer Munro

Pennsylvania State University

Archaeological Science

Ever since I was a child I knew I was destined for travel and adventure. I remember constantly being in trouble for wandering away from the group just to see something that caught my eye, or to go down a path that I thought would lead to something amazing. I am a very curious individual, and I love treading off the beaten path.

I am a friendly, free-spirited individual that loves to travel and see new places! and I’m always looking forward to the next adventure. I’m always up for meeting new people in new places and hearing stories of the travels and adventures that they have been on. I am also in love with the beauty of nature. It is absolutely amazing when I find a place in this world that appears to be untouched by human hands. I am into a wide range of music including hip-hop, pop, rock, classical, country, edm etc.


About jennie
I'm the irritating person who's always there with a camera - wanting an interview, asking silly questions and getting in the way of the serious archaeology. I'm an author, a publisher (Fernro Publishing), an ex-advertising agency owner and Creative Director, a mother and a grandmother. I only do things I really want to do now - building Tel Akko's website with you was one of them.

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