ceramics at tel akko
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by Jennifer Munro

Another tiny ceramic horse found at Tel Akko

Nevan Carling, a student of Trinity College, USA found a small ceramic horse’s head on the Tel, and won Find of the Day.

There are so many horses in Akko. You see beautiful Arab horses pulling carts in the streets of Akko, there is a beach called The Beach of the Horses where horses are taken to swim, and the team has found other horse-related artefacts on the tel in the past. Akko has a rich equestrian heritage.

According to Professor Martha Risser of Trinity College, one of our ceramics experts, this horse head is a bit different. “It has been made out of two slabs of clay, pressed together and is hollow. This is a completely different construction to other finds, where we’ve seen a more solid form. This is the finest one so far, I think.”

How was it used? Who made it? What is its significance in the layer?

Each find raises as many questions as it answers. Watch this spot for further information as it is revealed.

Pottery washing has commenced  at the Nautical College in the afternoons. Students and staff sit under the trees and wash the finds of the morning. It’s not the most exciting job, but it can be a lot of fun to enjoy the fresh air, chat and listen to music while you scrub.

Today our ‘Imma’, Rachel Merhav joined in the fun, eating popsicles and observing the goings on in the pottery washing yard.

Nevan Carling
Nevan Carling
Rachel Mirhav
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ceramics at tel akko
Wednesday July 19th – tiny horse found at Tel Akko