by Justin Batista


Hey! I’m Justin. Along with Dr. Killebrew, I supervise the “Blue” area. I have an awesome team of friends – square supervisors, assistants, and volunteers – that help make the 19 Row run as smoothly as it does on a daily basis. In this video, you’ll hear me attempt to justify why I sit at my fancy desk all day.

Justin Batista
About Justin Batista
University of Massachusetts, Amherst BA Anthropology, Spanish Minor I’m a North American shovel bum who can’t stay away from Akko. I’ve been coming here since 2013! I’ve done archaeological field work in 6 states and 3 countries. I collect data from the air, on land and at sea. I can be found in the Blue Area, in the Flex room, at Argaman Beach or at Kurkushka.


  • Jennifer Munro
    3:50 AM - 26 July, 2016

    Great video and very cool blog!

  • Ragna Stidsing
    6:13 AM - 27 July, 2016

    You are doing a marvelous job as an area supervisor and square supervisor. But I do miss your artistic and funny north arrows on your top plans. Those make my day, when scanning everybody’s paperwork. However, your square assistants do very well as well with their north arrows;-)

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