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by Cassidy Ross

By Cassidy Ross…Whilst digging a survey pit Michael came across some red dirt.  Low and behold there was something suspicious in this red dirt. this suspicious thing was a small tunnel. Now the red dirt was mud brick and it appeared that the suspicious tunnel ran straight through it. Upon further inspection by both Jamie and Michael it was deduced that the tunnel was in fact a pipe. The pair proceeded to smash through the surrounding dirt chasing the mud brick as it went in a circular patter. After observing the curvature of the brick utter confusion and nonsensical theories it was deduced that this was a mole hole. After further discussion, excavation, and heavy handed pick wielding, it was decided that the mud brick was only debris. The moral of this story: sometimes moles burrow through ancient mud brick debris and in turn this leads to archaeologists arguing on the side of a hill.

Cassidy Ross
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