by Dr Melissa Rosenzweig

Four Miami Students Dig at Tel Akko

This summer, four Miami University undergraduates are participating in the Tel Akko Archaeological Field School in Akko, Israel.  This is the first year of Miami’s study abroad collaboration with the Tel Akko project, and we’re proud to offer this 6-credit international experience to all interested Miami students.

Follow this blog for regular updates on the archaeological adventures of this year’s Miami participants: Megan Ashbrook (Anthropology), Sarah Kammer (Anthropology), Caroline Saussere (Classics), and Rachel Strohl (Anthropology).  Each of these students will be submitting weekly entries about their experiences and sharing their discoveries, research, and interactions as they dig in Akko and travel to other sites in Israel.

To find out more about the Tel Akko archaeological project in general, spend time perusing the Tel Akko website.

I, too, will be contributing posts about my research at Akko as the Team Archaeobotanist, in charge of recovering and analyzing ancient plant remains from the site.  I’ll be explaining how my work provides information about what plants the people of Tel Akko grew and consumed thousands of years ago.

Thank you for checking out our blog, and we hope you enjoy following our exploits!

Miami University Ohio
Image of Miami students in the Old City of Akko.
L to R: Sarah Kammer, Rachel Strohl, Caroline Saussere, and Megan Ashbrook.