by Professor Michael Sugerman

Six Binghamton Students Dig at Tel Akko

During the summer of 2018, six Binghamton University students are participating in the Tel Akko Archaeological Field School in Akko, Israel. This is the first year that Binghamton has been associated with the Tel Akko project, and we’re pleased that so many students chose to take part in this exciting archaeological research project.

Each of these students will be submitting weekly entries about their experiences and sharing their discoveries, research, and adventures as they dig in Akko and travel to other sites in Israel. This year’s students are: Wei Zheng (Anthropology); Nicolas Sisti (History); Gillian Scholz (Anthropology); Eta Pastreich (Anthropology and History); Owen Jenney (History); and Paige Ekert (Biology).

I will also be contributing posts about my research at Akko. I am a field archaeologist whose first excavation was over thirty years ago. This summer I will continue in my position as co-director of the site survey, in which we take a broad (rather than deep) look at the use of the site between about 5000 and 2000 years ago.

To find out more about the Tel Akko archaeological project in general, spend time perusing the Tel Akko website.

Thank you for checking out our blog, and we hope you enjoy following along as we investigate both the distant past and the immediate present in and around Akko