Conservation on Tel Akko

Tel Akko conservation

Students working on the survey of the excavations at Tel Akko in order to determine areas for conservation

Tel Akko conservation

David Zell teaching students how to check for water run off and how to identify  vulnerable sections of the dig

David Zell worked with the Israeli Antiquities Authority for over eleven years before starting his own consultancy in 2011. He is an enthusiastic teacher with an interest in 3D modelling , which he learnt here at Tel Akko. Prof. Ann Killebrew says, ” David is the most advanced 3D heritage photogrammetry heritage documenter in Israel.”

Conservation in the Old City of Akko

Students of tel Akko with local kids - learning to conserve Akko

Students from Tel Akko and the youth of Akko came together to learn about and practice conservation techniques in the old city.

Salim and John cutting stones

Cutting stones to fit is a time-consuming and precise art. Salim teaches John some of the secrets to achieving a straight edge.

conservation in Akko

Students spend time cleaning out the old, crumbling mortar in the walls of the old city.

akko conservation

Students practiced mixing various compounds to colour-match the old mortar in the conservation of the ancient walls.

Community Archaeology, Outreach, and the Old City

By Elena Sesma (Anthropology, UMass Amherst) and Evan Taylor (Anthropology, UMass Amherst)